How to look sharp wearing a suit with sneakers

This autumn, sneakers are not just for the gym. Not many would think sneakers could work well with your office wardrobe. And I have to admit I was one of ‘them’, for a long time until… I fell in love with sneakers…

pinstripe suit and sneakers

The good news is that sneakers are comfortable. The bad news: if you’re used to wearing heels, boots or flats, incorporating sneakers into your non-workout wardrobe can be daunting.

WomensPantSuits w sneakers

How does one wear sneakers to work without looking dowdy? Is it possible to pair sneakers with suits? Check for yourself how others do it and get some inspiration from these images below.



A great way to pair black suits with original black and white sneakers. This look is great for city days out.

Black Sneaker + black suit


The turtle neck top and sneakers give the whole look a more casual feel. This is a great winter look for students incorporating sneakers with a shirt or jumper.



Who said a suit had to be matching? Trying suit trousers and blazer of contrasting colours is risky but if done right can look amazing. Wearing crisp white trousers with matching crisp white sneakers creates a casual look with a touch of attitude.

Ideal fashion for confident women who love to make a statement, like Lauren Hutton with this great look for formal events or casual days out.



Keeping a suit oversized will give a masculine feel.

stripy suit and sneakers


This Tomboy style two piece outfit, paired with sneakers and a simple black top beneath the blazer will leave you looking ultra dapper.

The Tomboy Style

If you are looking for a smart casual look, why not take inspiration from black leather trousers, white sneakers and white shirt outfit.

The Tomboy Style 2