How to get OSCARS ready?

All the beautiful people in Hollywood don’t just roll out of bed looking amazing, they each have a talented entourage responsible for their head-to-toe style.

The red carpet has always been all about the ladies, but this year in Hollywood, it is all about the men! And with awards season in full swing we want to talk about the classic style of Leonardo DiCaprio, the lead actor of ‘The Revenant’, who has been nominated for 2016 Oscars and we really hope Leonardo will win it.

Observing Leonardo’s style over the years we can state with confidence that it has not changed much. Wearing classic cuts, tailored suits, that fit his body very well, made him always looking sharp and handsome and we love how he does his sleek hair too.

You may ask… ‘How can I too look my best in sharp tailoring?’

Well-tailored suit is an equivalent of an LBD for a woman, it is never going out of style and that is why we’ve assembled the best tips to help you achieve your own menswear moment. Now you have no excuse but to look great!

1.Do your research before you buy a suit

Pick up a magazine and get up to date with what is happening now, so you buy something that lasts. Get an inspiration or a certain look/idea from movies and street style.

Leo magazine

2.Get clear on what colours suit you

Although black is a default colour for suits sometimes navies or greys work best and more flattering. It all depends on your skin tone, eye and hair colour. Get some professional help if unsure.

Leo in grey.jpg

3.Invest in budget-breaking suits

Get the best suit you possibly can, as it will last longer. Try on a variety of labels and see what silhouette is the most flattering on you.

4.Start buying the right size clothing

Chances are you’re a size smaller than you think and your suit pants are way too long. Get a good tailor and don’t be afraid to spend the extra money on alterations.

5.Get the right jacket shape for your body
For a slim build, think about a slim lapel and maybe a skinny tie. If you have a bigger, broader build go for a wider peak lapel and a substantial bow tie when you’re wearing a tux. When it comes to looking great in a suit, it’s all about proportion.

Leo right jacket.jpg

6.Get your pant hem right

Make sure your trouser is cut just long enough to sit on the top of the shoes, causing a  very minimal amount of crease at the front, i.e. a slight break in your pant hem. This small detail will make an ordinary man look like a true movie star. Have your tailor hem your suit pants so they’re slightly longer in the back. It will ensure you don’t show too much sock when you walk and won’t look too short when you’re standing still.

7.Right underwear

Having a good style is having right undergarments. Nobody wants to be remembered for a wardrobe malfunction on the big night. And that is why the first layers in your outfit and comfort are important factors in confidence.

Tommy John’s range offers the perfect mix of comfort and class with their famous stay-tucked-in undershirts and no-adjustment-needed men’s underwear, as well as a funny videos depicting what could happen if a star gets caught adjusting himself (… not a good look!).

8.That extra half an inch

Keeping everything crisp and elegant will make a difference. Do not forget about a bow tie, a pocket square, leather belt, cufflinks and a tie clip. Remember it is little things that make you stand out from the crowd.

Leo pocket square.jpg

9.Feel good

One carries himself differently when he feels good in what he is wearing. So enjoy, have fun with it and love your style!

Leo glass.jpeg

Happy Oscars style! Xx


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