What is in your wardrobe? 

“ I CAN NOT BELIEVE ONE CAN DRESS WELL WHEN YOU HAVE SO MUCH” – Andree Putman, legendary French interior designer

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I got some many inquiries regarding what the top 10 things you should have in your wardrobe are, so I decided to include it in my monthly newsletter to make sure all of you, style lovers, keep it in check.
Here is a checklist of the bare essentials. It’s not the last word, think of it as a skeleton. How you flesh it out depends entirely on your own style.


  1. A sharp white shirt in a cut that best suits your figure
  2. A very well made, lightweight cardigan in your favourite colour
  3. A jacket that works with your skirt (it will turn it into a suit)
  4. 3 pairs of trousers: denim, tailored for daywear and smart (day–to–evening)
  5. A little black dress (A MUST!)
  6. A skirt that works for day, in a shape that suits your figure
  7. A sleeveless/short-sleeved round-neck top (as a dressy alternative to the T-shirt)
  8. A selection of simple T-shirts or tanks (black, white and grey are the best basic range)
  9. 4 pairs of good shoes: ballet flats, a pair of court heels, evening shoes and boots
  10. 3 good quality accessories: a classic bag, a scarf and a belt

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‘The best accessory a girl can own is confidence’



It’s such an important element of being comfortable in your own skin and feeling good about yourself.
The number one question I receive all the time is ‘What do I need to change about my appearance to achieve X or Y?’ or put in other words ‘I don’t feel good enough’, ‘I don’t know what suits me, ‘I don’t know what to wear and I don’t know what to do!’

We all heard ‘you only get one chance to make a first impression’, whether it is an interview, meeting prospective client, presenting at a business meeting or meeting someone special in your life. And we also heard that if you look good, you feel good and more confident.

So how do you feel better about yourself and discover the new YOU?

If you really want to make changes, gain greater confidence, new stylish look, reveal your full potential and how fabulous you can look at any time we have a solution for you.
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You can not underestimate the importance of a dress in every woman’s wardrobe. Personally I will always go for a dress before a skirt for the simple reason that you just put it on and you are done! No mucking around with what goes with it.

For some it‘s always been too difficult to find the dress that best suits their body shape. Separates now form the backbone of most modern wardrobes. However it may just be worth taking another look at the practical benefits of one-piece dressing.

The right dress can add height, broaden your shoulders, and skim your hips. You can vamp it up, play it down, or simply enjoy the pure feminine pleasure in a swish of fabric or a nipped-in waist.


  • Dresses can be tricky because they have to fit well in so many different spots: shoulders, bust, waist, hips and length. Try lots of different designers and when you find one whose cut works for you, stick with it.
  • In the fitting room, make sure you can sit down, cross your legs, bend over and reach up without pinching or squeezing (which will make you look bigger than you are) or exposing more than you want to.
  • Add definition with a belt. Even if your dress is seamed at the waist, that may not be enough, plus accessories almost always make an outfit more interesting and stylish.
  • A tailor can reasonably be expected to adjust hem length (up or down), strap length or waist width. However if more than one of these is required, you are probably buying the wrong size of style of dress.

Eva Longoria in VB ornage dress


  • Pear-shaped figures will really benefit from the defining and smoothing effects of a sharp-shouldered, bias-cut style.
  • A-lines are the best hip minimisers.
  • A curvy figure looks best in fabrics that drape rather than cling. Never leave your waist undefined.
  • A curvy figure will stop traffic in a wrap dress.
  • An hourglass shape with a full skirt and nipped-in waist will give boyish figures some feminine flare.
  • A tailored, waisted shift will subtly shape a boyish frame.
  • Heavy arms can be disguised by slim (not tight) ¾ length sleeves.
  • An all-over print keeps the eye moving and disguise a multitude of figure faults.

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Take the initiative and hire a specialist. Knowing your body shape is the key and here is where Style-And-You can help you! We help and educate our customers how to choose the best clothing style for them, according to their body shape, personality and lifestyle. But don’t take our word for it and hear what our customers say about us >>> Testimonials

Style-And-You offers a variety of styling services, from a wardrobe consultation, a day of personal shopping to the TOTAL style makeover, which oversees all elements of style to ensure your full transformation is complete. More over we like to see how our clients are doing and keep in touch with them, tracking their progress. So don’t think you are on your own as we are always here to help you! 

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