Men are scared of bags. They think of them as feminine, preferring to cram their pockets full and carry around piles of stuff. Considering most men now carry around a mobile phone, keys, iPod, gym clothes, and reading material, it’s time to get over bag phobia in favour of a stylish and practical solution.

Find a bag that’s appropriate to your clothes: for example, guys in suits should not carry shoulder bags, which can bunch up the shoulders of your jacket.

The briefcase is the old staple item. From hard, hinged, and structured to soft and fluid, it’s a reliable option.


You will be taken more seriously at work with a practical briefcase. It is always a smart choice to invest in one good bag; it will serve you well for years to come.

HB briefcase bag!

HBoss briefcase 1

For casual days, backpacks and messenger bags still are practical choices.


A messenger bag, fitting easily over a shoulder, will certainly ease the burden of a modern man carrying so much stuff.



If you are choosing a backpack, go for a stylish one, to make sure that you won’t look like you are still in college.

louis-vuitton-grigori-backpack-taiga-leather-men-s-bags--M30209_PM2_Front view

For weekends away and vacations, most top designers make elegant leather duffels and carryalls for men. Practical and luxurious, they will have you looking first class even if you are travelling coach.


Luxurious version of the classic carryall will serve you well, no matter the occasion.

     Vintage sand travel bag


Shrug off the stress of the working week with an elegant travel bag.




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